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Our escort agency offers companionship for all types of events including social functions, birthday parties, bachelor parties, and more. There is no need to go alone when our staff can set you up with a nice date with one of the most beautiful women in Abu Dhabi. The lovely ladies from Beautiful Escorts are looking forward to pampering you by all the rules in their sensual book. For many years, our renowned escort service UAE has been the "go-to address" for successful gentlemen who appreciate the beauty of life. You may fully rely on the unconditional discretion of our escort agency. If you have not yet enjoyed a rendezvous with a VIP lady companion, it’s time to do it now.

Treat yourself to an escort service that will exceed all your expectations with ease The first and most important is to deal with a reputable and professional escort agency. The last thing one wants is disappointment and waste of his valuable time due to a no-show or a delay. In case of an emergency from the model’s side, an agency would always offer a replacement. Go through the agency’s notes on the model's character. It may help you to choose the right escort companion for an occasion would it be a dinner date, a party, or a vacation. Always be upfront with your preferences and expectations, i.e. communicate activities you had planned, request an appropriate dress code, etc Small gifts are not expected but highly appreciated and help to break the ice. It might be something inexpensive as flowers or perfume.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we are super strict about cases of gross misconduct among our models, therefore, rest assured you will be treated to the best possible experience! We’ll let you in on a little secret- Russian girls are generally well-bred and respectful, which means pliable submission for anyone that values power and dominance. Believe me, this plausible upbringing does not compromise their naughty in any way! Not to blow our own trumpet, but our keen eye on the most beautiful and well-cultured European escorts Dubai girls and emphasis on customer satisfaction has set us apart in the wildly competitive UAE market for high-end escorts. Chill, you are in the best hands!